Paulette Sinclair - Film Editor


Paulette Sinclair - just what you want in a film and video editor:
  • creative, well organized, meets deadlines, loves editing
  • finds most effective story arc, most potent rhythms
  • draws from a rich background of professional experience
  • BA in visual art, BFA (Honours) in film production
  • enjoys working with clients, many repeat customers

Client List


"a true collaborator - highly insightful - I would use her again in a 'flash'"
Mark Peacock Screenwriter/Producer

"Paulette Took Toronto United Church Council's 'straw' and spun it into 'gold' for our 2011 Heart and Vision Event. The response from viewers has been overwhelming."
James Patterson - Director, Resource Development, The Toronto United Church Council

"Paulette embodies all of the qualities of an exceptional editor: talent, skill, devotion, enthusiasm, a keen sense of story, an eye for performance, and patience. She's also an absolute joy to work with and her playful creative approach is contagious and fun. Paulette is a true gem I can't recommend her highly enough."
Alex Boothby (Gang Green Productions)

"she listened to my needs ... created a ... demo reel that I can use with confidence ... If you are looking for someone who pays attention to detail and whose opinion you can trust, Paulette Sinclair is that person!"
Danka Scepanovic, actor